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  • Perform a taunt swap when Burning Armor is applied. The debuffed tank should get a minimum of 25 yards from the rest of the group before the debuff expires.

DPS / Healers

  • Correctly aim the Shattering Star such that it collides with several Infernal Spikes to reduce the damage taken.

  • Ensure no Infernal Spikes are destroyed if you are targeted with Crashing Comet.


  • Positioning

  • The boss can be tanked where he stands (at the top of the arena) and should be faced away from the raid.

  • Ranged and healers should fan out in a semi-circle behind the boss.

  • Hide behind the Infernal Spikes when Infernal Burning is cast.

  • Avoid being hit by Fel Eruption and the pools left behind.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp/Drums on pull.

Information was sourced from Icy Veins on 25/06/2017

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